Grade R
Grades 1-3 (GET)
Grades 9-12 (FET)
Bubblegum and CAPS
Empowered Certificate

In keeping with Bubblegum's ethos of designing for change we actively work towards being a Level 1 BEE accredited organization. In 2011 Bublegum was awarded a level two BEE – this means that for every R1 spent with us you get 125% of your procurement points. In 2012 Bubblegum plans to achieve Level one status.

In 2010 we got assessed in four sections: Procurement, SED, EE & ED.

Preferential Procurement: Bubblegum chooses its suppliers based on quality of service as well as BEE credentials. In 2010 we scored 100 points for this section.

Employment Equity (EE) is the ratio of black to white lower & middle management employees at the date of accreditation. We have selected a well accredited BEE team to lead the way forward and received almost 100 points in this section and we will continue to work towards a 100% score and strive to uplift and up-skill staff at all times.

Social Economic Development (SED) We contributed workbooks, stationary & DVD sets to various schools in South Africa as form part of our SED. Our core business model is todeveloping educational platforms that will allow all South Africans to have access to valuable learning materials. This was an obvious no brainer regard for Bubblegum and we can help other corporates also achieve full points in this category by donating educational kits to needy schools.

Economic Development (ED) We enhanced black - owned female suppliers in 2010 by adhering to early payment terms. In 2012 we will select a very special project to contribute towards our Economic Development in the logistics side of our business.