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Bubblegum and CAPS

What is CAPS?

CAPS stands for ‘Curriculum and Assessment Policy Statements’ and these are replacements for the implemented NCS. They are being phased in slowly and outline very clearly what learners and teachers are expected to do to in order to achieve results.

Which Bubblegum products are CAPS compliant?

Bubblegum is following the roll out of CAPS to make sure all documents sold at all times are relevant to the curriculum. In 2012 Grade 1, 2 and 3 as well as Grade 10 resources will have been fully reworked for CAPS. In 2013 all the remaining products will also become CAPS compliant. This will match what is happening at schools.

How does Bubblegum support CAPS?

Bubblegum resources all contain CAPS 'clouds' so you can see what parts of the curriculum the resouce is designed to support. All resources are also in the order you should be following in class.

Where can I find out more?

The listed Curriculum and Assessment Policy Statements have been approved by the Members of the Executive Council (CEM) at the DoBE, but are still subject to promulgation in the Government Gazette.

The Minister of Basic Education has, however, granted permission for the publication of the Curriculum and Assessment Policy Statements on the Departmental website to support planning and implementation.