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Grades 1-3 (GET)
Grades 9-12 (FET)
Bubblegum and CAPS

6 Years ago when we started out, we would have described our craft as Instructional Design. That is the design of information to maximize meaning and understanding. While we still obsess about educational content and how we develop and present it, we realise that we are designing more than just lessons. We are designing change. We apply design in everything we do, to effect maximum change. From how we conceptualise a lesson, to how it is produced, delivered and used, we have a plan that is more than just a simple lesson.

Designing change involves looking at how something is traditionally done, and then breaking that mould. We don't do what everyone else does, and we never will.

This is evident in our innovation in book publishing, mobi learning, school tool-kits, and even technology that we now embed into our printed materials.