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Primary Matters:

Working with Lead SA in 2010 and funded by banking group Absa , we launched the newspaper supplement Primary Matters into The Star and Pretoria News.

This supplement (spread over 20 editions) deals with both core curriculum subjects Numeracy and Literacy, as well as broaching the Rights and Responsibilities of all South Africans that are enshrined in the constitution.

Primary Matters will be extended into 35 editions in 2012 and will focus more tightly on Numeracy and Literacy for Grades 1-3.


Numeracy and Literacy Grade 1

View Sample: Numeracy Grade 1
View Sample: Literacy Grade 1

Numeracy and Literacy Grade 2

Numeracy and Literacy Grade 3

View Sample: Numeracy Grade 3
View Sample: Literacy Grade 3


Posters suitable for Grades 1-3
(Launches 1 November 2011)

Learning Kits:

Kits suitable for Grades 1-3
(Launches 1 November 2011)