Grade R
Grades 1-3 (GET)
Grades 9-12 (FET)
Bubblegum and CAPS

The four main areas in Grade R are: Emergent Literacy, Emergent Numeracy and Life Skills and Exploring Science and Technology

Emergent Literacy

The six learning outcomes for Emergent Literacy for Grade R are listening, speaking, reading/viewing, writing, thinking and reasoning, and language structure and use.

In Grade R, we don't actually aim to teach the learner to read and write, that is only for Grade 1.
This is why it is called emergent literacy. What we aim to do is introduce what we call 'pre-reading skills' to the learner. This is because many learners in Grade R are coming from backgrounds where this is their first point of entry into formal education, as well as the fact that introducing a learner to reading before they are ready can have very long lasting negative effects on the learner. Instead we try to promote through literature, a love of books and reading, and helping the learner understand that the spoken and written word are connected.It is also essential to promote an understanding of language development before a learner can learn to read.

In terms of this we try to develop a learners listening, speaking and communication skills. The main aim of the emergent literature program in Grade R is to enable the learner to communicate effectively in either spoken or written form.

This approach says that we do not teach emergent literacy in isolated learning periods, but that we integrate it throughout the day. This is done through 'natural exposure'.

Emergent Numeracy

The same strategy as literacy applies to numeracy.

The first 8 posters in our Grade R series with teacher guides focuses on how to integrate these materials in your teaching day or home learning plan. The posters cover emergent Literacy and Numeracy as well as Life Skills learning areas.

The 8 Grade R posters include:

1. The Alphabet
2. Numbers
3. My Body
4. The Weather
5. Shapes
6. Colours
7. The Provinces
8. Days, Weeks, Months

These are available in English, Xhosa, Zulu and Northen Sotho.