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Maths 911 has been broadcasting since July 2006. The premise is simple: broadcast the best teachers live across the country and give learners access to them. The learners call in with questions and the teachers work through the calls with them.

In 2009 Maths911 began working through the new Maths911 workbook at the top of the show giving learners the opportunity to follow along at home with their own workbooks and have solid notes to revise from at exam time.

Broadcasting Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 17h00 – 18h00, and on Wednesday for a full two hours from 17h00. In the past 4 years Maths 911 has been on air over 350 hours and caller volumes keep going from strength to strength. The call center is especially crazy over the exam period, don't miss out: 08600 62847, channel 319 on DsTV – Mindset Learn.