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Cells And Circuits
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Bubblegum uses a blended approach to learning. This approach is heavily slanted to technology and is learner centric in the later stages of schooling, while is more tangible and hands-on - which is teacher led - in lower grades.

Posters are an effective learning aid both in the GET and FET phase. While our GET posters are A1 sized and designed to be hung in the classroom for teachers to integrate into lessons, our FET posters are A3 sized and are used to visually demonstrate difficult concepts and things teachers might not have easy access to – like a labeled photograph motor in cross section.
Bubblegum has posters for grades R,1,2,3, in the GET phase and 11 and 12 in the FET. The GET phase has 8 posters all available in the 10 official written languages.
Read about our successes and grade enhancement by our posters in the Monitoring and Evaluation section.