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Bubblegum uses a blended approach to learning. This approach is heavily slanted to technology and is learner centric in the later stages of schooling, while is more tangible and hands-on - which is teacher led - in lower grades.

Workbooks are key ingredient of the Bubblegum approach and have been specifically designed for learners to make their own. In the lower grades they cut, draw, read and write all in the same space. This approach at higher grades has leaners storing their work and activities right next to theory and worked examples – make it a one-stop all in one study guide.

A workbook in an emerging market is a commodity not only that in many cases it is the only book a child has ever owned exclusively – but in many cases the space to write answers is the only paper a learner has too.

Bubblegum has workbooks for grades 1,2,3, in the GET phase and 10,11 and 12 in the FET. Production is currently underway to complete GET phase (4-6) by May 2012 and FET by February 2013.

Read about our successes and grade enhancement with our workbooks in the Monitoring and Evaluation section.